What Women Want…?

In this episode of Real Talk the guys tell you what women want…or at least what they think they do!


Catcalling: The Scourge!

Time: 10:19PM

Location: Choba area of Port Harcourt City (once known as the Garden City, but, with trash put out on the major roads, and street corners turned dumpsters and dump sites, Garbage City comes to mind. You get the idea). Continue reading

The Beast of Misogyny — Foreign Policy

“I am consistently saddened and angered by the lack of educational opportunities that meet tens of millions of girls because of early marriage, war, migration, trafficking, forced labor, and poverty, to name but a few reasons. The results? Repeating cycles of poverty, little sustainable development for families, communities, and countries, and increased security risks felt…

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Chivalry Continues…

Found this while trolling the web. What say you?

So you are on your first date with the man you like, it’s the end of dinner and the waiter comes over with the bill, do you offer to pay half or wait for him to take out his wallet? I know what the general consensus is among the women I know, it would be the […]

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Who’s a Leading Lady?

article-0-0023738d00000258-749_468x394Hej! Hallo! Guten Tag! Ladies and Gentlemen! We said hi to the ladies first because, asides from the fact we have gemtlemen of the crew, y’all are taking over. This is not a joking matter at all. Ladies are taking over the World: from Daenerys and Cersei in The Game of Thrones (Season 6) to Theresa May as the new British PM and Hillary Clinton, the US presidential candidate for the Democratic National Party. Continue reading

Why The Plus Sized Fashion Industry Can Kiss My Plus Sized Ass — jordan a trantham

One of our forthcoming podcasts covers this theme in part. Although it talks about sexual health a great portion of it covers self-image, societal labels and body dysmorphia.

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Earlier this week while browsing through some of my favorite Instagrams and waiting for my Forever 21 Plus package to arrive, I had an idea; Why not try to become a plus size model? I’m not entirely unfortunate looking and hey, I can rock the larger sizes when I put my mind to it. With […]

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