To Tell or Not to Tell…

“To tell or not to tell…”

THAT right there is the question. The RT crew look at the risks and gains of fessing up about infidelity Continue reading


The Beast of Misogyny — Foreign Policy

“I am consistently saddened and angered by the lack of educational opportunities that meet tens of millions of girls because of early marriage, war, migration, trafficking, forced labor, and poverty, to name but a few reasons. The results? Repeating cycles of poverty, little sustainable development for families, communities, and countries, and increased security risks felt…

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Chivalry Continues…

Found this while trolling the web. What say you?

So you are on your first date with the man you like, it’s the end of dinner and the waiter comes over with the bill, do you offer to pay half or wait for him to take out his wallet? I know what the general consensus is among the women I know, it would be the […]

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