Real Talk is a subsidiary of Real Talk Multimedia Ltd (a full-on multimedia marketing and content firm) founded by young, innovative minds to promote frank and open discussion in an environment free from critique judgement and bias!

Who We Are…

L. S. R stands for many things Love, Sex and Relationships, Life, Status and Reality,  Loyalty, Success and Reliability, whatever you think (all good) we stand for. However this is who we know we are…

  • REAL people.
  • A new brand of multimedia personalities.
  • The hosts of REAL TALK, a global brand with a passion to communicate with you in order to improve your love, sex & relationships.

Simply put…we are passionate about your relationships. We believe we should “Work as if prayer will do nothing and pray as if work will do nothing”

Our Values

LSR Real Talk is guided by the following values:

  1. Integrity
  2. Honesty
  3. Family
  4. Positive African culture

Our Vision

Our rose-tinted candy flavored vision for a World impacted by L.S.R Real Talk

A generation of sexually responsible, open, honest, non-judgmental & REAL people. Men and women who have been liberated from the very shackles we placed on ourselves in the form of oppression, chauvinism, prejudice & tribalism. A breed of people who treat each other how they want to treated, communicate openly and are genuinely committed to improving their relationships.

Our Mission / Objectives

LSR’s Real Talk is set-up to:

  • To inform, educate & entertain you in the realm of love, sex & relationships with the aim of improving lives.
  • To promote sexual/reproductive, mental, emotional health.
  • To promote positive African culture which builds us up & doesn’t break us down.
  • To promote the Family as the basic unit of our development as a society.
  • To free women from themselves first, then from others who oppress them & do not treat them equally.
  • To teach men that their role is to cherish, respect & protect women, children & those weaker than they. That being the African Gentleman is a blend of toughness & tenderness when required.
  • To correct popular misconceptions, especially about sexual health based on ignorance.