Towards the junction, traffic had built up over the past hour, and I was enjoying the evening breeze, it was the only thing that was going for me on this day. The car had spent a day at the garage, and was still a few hours from being fit for my hour-long drive home. car-1711788_1920In my rather mellow state I noticed a driver, who seemed very distracted by something other than the cars ahead or behind him. From my vantage point, in front of a kiosk, I couldn’t quite tell what this particular driver was looking at that made his driving a little unsteady, so I walked away from the kiosk, and then I saw it…the reason for this man’s neck turning motions — an AFRICAN woman in FULL GLORY!!!

sad-woman-1007607_1920Ladies and Gentlemen, for those of you, who have never been to Africa, who only see beautiful African women on MTV or on Oprah, we live with them daily, and flipping goodness, are they beautiful! They put the beau in beautiful, and this woman was packing! I mean if she was at the airport, they would shut it down, no doubt. She was very, very, very, extremely, very, very, shapely, and her face was divine, a perfect oblong with the faintest hint of makeup.

That she was walking on the streets was a shocker for me and soon, I mean within 30 seconds of my spotting her, there was a small gathering from the garage, all looking at THIS woman. There was nothing lewd about her dressing, she was wearing a traditional ‘bubu’ but the gown couldn’t hide the curves, and her elegant gait…proud, tall and confident. Barely a minute after I noticed her, we heard a crash, and guess what? The guy, who caught my attention, had hit the car in front of him. The mechanics and I laughed so hard, because we knew why the crash happened.

This scenario got me thinking though, it is quite dangerous driving in big cities Nigeria and Africa in general, just think about it, Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Enugu, Calabar, Johannesburg, apart from the traffic, bad roads and the women…oh the WOMEN!!! Heavens to save us! They are everywhere, I mean everywhere! I have over the years worked on my multitasking particularly when driving, my friend AK, has the ‘look-a-link’ skill,  he looks, links the curves and face from the back, and about 85% of the time, he’s correct, able to tell the super-hot women from the average. Now why is this an issue? Cause guys you know that once you have a steady girlfriend, or you clock out (AKA get married), you cannot, and I mean you shouldn’t be caught checking out other women. Yes, you are on a leash. Every so often (like the dude who crashed his car) some beauties are just too hard to ignore (and ladies, we’ve caught you staring too), so how do you drive a car, avoid pot-holes, maintain you lane, dodge bullets (yes we do occasionally) and still ‘appreciate’ an African woman on the sidewalks, or those even driving?

car-705870_1920I have system…it’s improved my multitasking, I anticipate and adapt. You see, when driving, like most of us, we have moods, so I always, always, give a very good distance, between who is ahead and behind me, cause apart from the fact that you should be wary of other crazies on the road, if I see a pretty woman, I am able (lowly mortals can’t) to assess and sometimes make eye contact and offer a smile or a wave, all within safe confines of the space I’ve created to anticipate and adapt. Ultimately I’d advise that you keep your eyes firmly on the road, for safety obviously, but if and when (they must pop up guys) you do come across an African beauty, please just be thankful for her existence and don’t get any one hurt…look quickly…if you can!!


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