Yes! It’s Bigg aka Biggdaddy aka Dabiggyo. Much drama yeah? Get used to it. I mean, what’s life without some drama every now and then? Nice to meet you. If you listened to the show I used to host, “Chat Station” on 92.3FM Nigeria Info PH, hola again!

It’s great to still do what I love (and you too hopefully) on Real Talk because this show will blow your mind. I’ve got two fabulous co-hosts which you will get to meet, if you haven’t already. So let the games begin! Speaking of games though, don’t hate the player or the game. Lol. I say this because I used to be your typical nice guy: honest with the lady I’m interested in and explaining myself all the time, when most ladies believe all men cheat whether they’re caught or not.

Some wives will say “Just don’t let me find out.” See licence to cheat na! Some babes would listen to me and conclude I was a player despite my efforts to dissuade them from that notion. I guess it was in me. Just the same way a Dominatrix may have it but not know till lots of guys keep begging her to spank em! Lol. That’s an inside joke but let me say this. Players are the best guys for women because most of us know how to treat a lady.

The so called “faithful” guys are the ones turning their women to punching bags & smothering them to death! I’m not supporting cheating in or abuse of any sort in committed relationships or marriage. I’m just saying be open, honest about your intentions and always KEEP IT REAL.

We’re in an era where fakeness is trending and I refuse to conform! Be You! The world will adjust.

My Creed

  • I believe in Love, Sex and Harmonious relationships.
  • I believe in mutual respect, communication and reciprocity.
  • I appreciate women for their beauty, strength, character and values.
  • I believe in giving children the best life you can, cherishing our women and treating others how you would like to be treated. I’ve always loved the man-woman thing and am passionate about relationships.
  • I believe you should always motivate yourself, speak life & stay positive because sometimes all you got is God and yourself.
  • I believe in big ideas and If I can help it, I like to do things Bigg (that’s why we hustling lol).

So, I’m here to talk about lust, love, like, life and lots more! What Frank W. Abagnale said in his autobiography “Catch Me If You Can” aptly describes me:

“Two little mice fell in a bucket of cream. The first mouse quickly gave up & drowned. The second wouldn’t quit: he struggled so hard that he eventually churned that cream into butter & came out”

Ladies and Gentlemen, as of this moment I’m that second mouse.” Bless!

Dabiggyo is out. *Drops 🎤*


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