leo-350690_1280I’m a confident woman…I think! I’m all about rights, discrimination, equity and equality. I can identify and point out glaring violations and all that jazz! I speak my mind and am decisive. However of late I have been asking myself is my bark worse than my bite?

And alas…the answer is a thunderous yes! I’ve been talking the talk, but have ceased walking the walk anymore! Years back I had quite a nice little following on one of my multiple Facebook accounts (just a hint… I’m a Gemini so I have split personalities) and would periodically post notes on issues that mattered to me. I’d like to believe I changed a few thought patterns and made people take a second look at an issue. One day the passion just died.

I think my passion died primarly because 99.9%  of my readers where the choir so I was preaching to the choir! If I’m sharing my views with like-minds then what good am I really doing?

I was once a lioness and my roar rivalled Katy Perry’s but I mentally declawed myself and mutated to a pussy (double entendre duly noted). Just because the consciousness I have is not replete in my society does that mean I should allow my zeal fizzle out like a flat soda? Now I’m thinking NO!

Just because block ceilings abound and mile-high roadblocks spring up on the daily on my path through life should I roll over and play dead! Go with the flow and not make waves?

I grew up in a much more cosmopolitan society than the one I live in now. And I believe this results in a mental and cultural disconnect. I struggle to straddle the divide between two divergent cultures. My African reality constantly wars with my British orientation and my mind suffers. Too African to condone the typical Western individualism but too Western to accept Nigerian norms.

My current society is extremely paternalistic in nature. Even though we’ve moved with the times, adopted “oyibo**” technologies and whatnots, our attitudes towards gender issues remains pretty much stuck in the 20th century. Women are still viewed as chattel bought and paid for. Yes, we have “rights” but these are really lip service paid to the UN and so-called First World nations to assure the continuation of international grants and subventions. It is not uncommon for a female child to be denied education so the boys can go as after all “she will marry and our investment will be lost“.

In many communities a woman has no right to inherit her father’s property or even her husband’s. Where it isn’t a new story that a girl can be married off as early as 10 if she’s unfortunate enough to be an early bloomer, and her betrothed is a horny goat old enough to be her daddy (…and I don’t mean Daddy!). A society where it isn’t strange for a man to refer to a woman as a fish-brain, like we don’t have two brain cells to rub together. I can’t remember the number of times I’ve been told to shut up that “can I not see men are talking?”

It is for these and other reasons that I joined the Real Talk team. To speak my rather twisted thoughts to a wider audience, to get back on my soap box and shout it out loud, to spread the gospel of liberation and equity. To speak out against the ills I see in my society even if I may be a “lone voice in the desert“.

I am Woman…I motherf**king ROAR…not meow!

** Oyibo = Nigerianism or pidgin for a “white” person or an expariate.

PS: Coincidence upon coincidence… Can you believe it today is World Lion Day 



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