Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

What do you think?

Southern Georgia Bunny

I met this gentleman on His original reason for contacting me was because he was looking for a particular type of lifestyle. The lifestyle being kinkster. Let me give you the urban dictionary definition: one who enjoys and participates regularly in “kinky” sexual activities.

Y’all know I’m a bunny who’s always up for trying a new carrot, so to speak.

Description: 5’10, former army ranger, built but not bulky, wore polo shirt with a popped collar and khakis with matching brown belt and shoes (yes, I know not my norm), his speech patterns reminded me of the men who use the word, bro or brah frequently.

First date was a massive FAIL. He dominated the entire conversation. He talked about himself constantly, never asking about me at all. I was so over him by the end of the date. I honestly didn’t want to see or talk to him…

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